GRAS 46AE 1/2'' CCP Free-field Standard Microphone Set

The 46AE is a free-field microphone set and as such optimized for all acoustic applications, where the location of the main sound source is known and the microphone can be pointed directly at it ensuring 0° incidence.

The wide frequency range makes it ideal for general acoustic diagnostics. 46AE conforms with IEC 61094 WS2F and IEC 61672 Class 1.

Regarding temperature range, see the Specifications. Should higher temperature limits be required, we recommend the GRAS 146AE 1/2" CCP Free-field Rugged Microphone Set which can be used up to 125 °C.

A front-vented version is available, 46AE-FV 1/2" CCP Free-field Front Vented Microphone Set.


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